MX Pinball, 2008

S_Black_MX_Pinball_web03MX Pinball, 2008
Eyebeam, New York, NY
Goods and Services, Pittsburgh, PA
Gallery 206, Grand Rapids, MI

Created for the traveling exhibition Other Options, organized by InCUBATELike all artists, we face the dilemma of funding, and of how to support ourselves and sustain the art-making process. We made the machine as an inquiry into forms of currency. We figured that we spent about $1300 making the machine in labor and materials. We had hoped that within the course of the show it might pay for itself, but it turns out that people looking at art are not necessarily eager to pay for the experience, at least not quite in this way, $1 at a time. So we are exploring other venues, and ways to activate the machine within different settings.

Please inquire about including in it your next event. The machine is made of cast-off materials from previous projects and from the Creative Re-Use Warehouse in Chicago.