Imperfect Symmetry, 2013

Imperfect Symmetry_web4Imperfect Symmetry, 2013 [Curator]
Columbia College A + D Gallery, Chicago, IL

Curated by Sara Black and Karsten Lund
October 3-November 7, 2013
Opening Reception: October 3, 2013, 5-8 PM with performance by Escape Group

For this experimental group exhibition, thirteen artists or collaborators explored manifestations of ‘imperfect symmetry’—a phenomenon emerging at the hazy border of two more familiar concepts, symmetry and asymmetry. Through photographs, videos, sculptures, sound works and performances, these artists offered varied interpretations of this odd but evocative notion, which is potentially full of metaphorical or interpersonal meaning.

A collective investigation featuring multiple points of view, this group exhibition aimed to work through an idea rather than start with something fully formed. Imperfect symmetry might be understood as a moment of tension as symmetry falls apart or fails to coalesce; or as a permanent state, observable in the natural world; or as a metaphor for human desires or habits as we try to understand one another or make contact with other people, among many other possibilities.

Together the artists’ wide-ranging artworks and live performances amount to a compendium of sorts: an inventory of examples or an anthology that gradually builds toward a more complete and nuanced view of its topic. The exhibition was also accompanied by a publication featuring additional material by all the participants, presented as a series of autonomous entries. In its printed form, the publication is both an extension and an oblique reflection of the exhibition in the gallery space.

A program of performances* took place on October 25, 8pm at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery

Participating artists:

Sarah & Joseph Belknap
Troy Briggs
Scott Carter
Escape Group (Anthony Romero & Jillian Soto)
Alan & Michael Fleming*
David Horvitz
Judith Leemann
Lucky Dragons* (Luke Fischbeck & Sarah Rara)
Jessica Hyatt & Holly Murkerson
Michael Robinson
Brian Rush
Carrie Schneider
Younger* (Matt Joynt & Ryan Daniel Hammer)