Excerpts from a Demolition (The Palace at Dawn), 2011

S_Black_Excerpts_Demo_web02Excerpts from a Demolition (The Palace at Dawn), 2011
Threewalls (Community Supported Art), Chicago, IL

Materials: Scaled Douglas fir (stud walls) and reconstituted gypsum (sheet rock), collected from a demolition event, gypsum cement, steel nails, 22K gold leaf, and wire.

This edition of 51 was created for the inaugural project called Community Supported Art (CSA), an initiative created by ThreeWall to support this important arts organization and to support local artists.

I like to think of this series of objects as indexical to a site or an event: 51 with duration. I was challenged with the opportunity to make a sculptural ‘edition,’ because my work is often site and material specific and large scale. This project started to take form when I began to think of each small sculpture as a single souvenir from an event – moving away from the center or the source as distributed through the CSA program.

Each sculpture is made up of collected material – a few wooden studs and a stack of broken sheet rock – that have been carefully processed: ripped, sanded, ground, reconstituted, and “freshened up”… a nod to Giacometti and his palace at another time, the conviction of the golden spike, and simply, a clean slate.

With an extra special thank you to Cori Williams, David Wolf and Charles Roderick for help with multiple small repeated gestures.